Exclusive scented candles

The world is the way it is – full of imperfections and stress. However, we – Moodbooster Team –  prefer to see it differently – as a happy and harmonic place, and we would love to share our vision with you and help you to get more joyful moments every day!  We are delighted to give you an opportunity to share a good mood and give moments of happiness as thoughtful presents to your loved ones. Inspired by the idea of spreading joy and harmony we developed a present that everyone can enjoy. The vast collection of Moodbooster candles scents allows you to find the perfect fragrance for any moment.  Whether you are stressed or tired there is a candle that could help you to go through tough times easier when you’re in love – there is a scent that will make these sweet moments even more memorable, or maybe you’re just in a party mood and you want to spread the energetic vibe around you  – there is always a Moodbooster candle that suits the moment perfectly.

Our unique scents were developed in collaboration with world-famous perfumers from France. Moodbooster candles are hand-poured in Germany. Our product is environmentally friendly, free from harmful substances, organic, and cruelty-free. Reusable 180 ml  glass containers are packed with love in original gift boxes. Burn time: approx. 45 h.