Jet Lag Aid

Travel is the best cure. Jetlag is only a minor side-effect.

Imagine crawling into a fresh bed after a long day. This moment when you feel the embrace of cool linen and can finally get some rest and fall asleep. Moodbooster recreates this incredible feeling and Jet Lag Aid fresh linen scent will for sure help you to relax.


Top notes : linen, jasmin, violet

Base notes : hawthorn, black currant flowers

Soy wax candles composed of 100% natural materials.

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Soy wax candles composed of 100% natural materials. 

Top notes : linen, jasmin, violet

Base notes : hawthorn, black currant flowers

Burning time : approx. 45 hours


Never leave burning candles unattended. Keep candles out of reach of children and pets. Do not burn a candle near flammable objects.

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Dimensions 6,5 × 8 cm